Challenges Faced by WEB 3.0 Users and Investors

1. Token Price Fluctuation

While building a startup, the team has to worry about countless things, including building, marketing, finding product-market fit, hiring the right resources, testing, auditing, taxes, churn, etc. Add to it the burden of a token's price falling, and everything turns to chaos.

The community narrative changes, people start FUDing, etc. Startups have to deploy sizeable resources to control this and figure out ways to control further damage.

Solution: UBX creates a utility for the tokens. By creating a pool with UBX, startups enable a new utility for their tokens, which is that now it can be staked to earn a bunch of other tokens as rewards. Since tokens are now getting staked, they are removed from the trading supply giving startups breathing space to focus on other aspects.

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