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UBX is a VDA Index token that is representative of a portion of the total value of the Top 13 VDA index. The initial tokens can only be acquired during the token offering process which is a one off, closed cap offering. The tokens provided will represent a participant's share of the portfolio. 98% of the total amount contributed during the offering will go directly towards buying the underlying Virtual Digital Asset.

UBX is token Deployed based upon the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Operating on the blockchain allows for global accessibility, 24/7 trading, transparency. Public verification of UBX holdings and no expensive legacy banking fees.

The Tokens valve is linked directly to the 13 underlying cryptocoin assets held by UBX via the innovative price floor mechanism implemented in our smart contract. The smart contract allows participants to cash out for their share of the underlying assets at any time. This means that UBX's value on exchange will be protected - it will be irrational to sell at a price lower than the tokens share of the underlying assets if a higher price is offered via the smart contract. Token holders are free to sell or exchange their tokens at any time and pay no exit fees. broker fees or advice fees.

The only opportunity for future participants to buy these tokens post-ICO will be from ICO participants on exchange - no further tokens will be sold . 98% of the ICO funds will go towards purchasing the underlying assets.

A full breakdown of funds utilization and token distribution is available in sections Below.

The index hyper parameters for the portfolio and rebalancing methodology were carefully determined via a structured data Science approach. A trading strategy was put in place to mitigate the risk of front-running and a viability study was conducted to confirm that a portfolio at the maximum raise size would be able to effectively acquire sufficient coins without paying a large premium. The minimum effective portfolio size is $2m and if this is not achieved all investor funds will be returned. A maximum component weight of 10% was selected to prevent any single asset from dominating the index.

Security is extremely important and the smart contract code was audited by an independent third party . Expert advisors were consulted, best practices implemented and strong identity verification procedures put in place to prevent Sybil attacks and bad actors from compromising UBX.

UBXs holdings will be audited and the audit report made public post-ICO. A full list of advisors is available on the UBX website.

A public ICO will be held from the 5th October to the 30th of November 2022.

UBX will use the ICO contributions to acquire assets and test rebalancing over December and the coin is expected to be listed on exchange in January 2022.All trading data will be stored during UBXs operations - this valuable data includes order books, pricing, coin volumes and more.

After approximately six months of trading this deep dataset will be utilized by our machine learning partner, Data Prophet, to optimize rebalancing and produce trading strategies for future fund types.

UBX ICO participants will have priority access to these very limited cap funds and the UBX token will be convertible.

In conclusion, UBX is a closed-cap, Tokenized cryptocurrency Portfolio that autonomously tracks the top 20 Virtual Digital Asset with weekly rebalancing to a maximum component weight of 10%. Instantly owning a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio is now as easy as holding a single token.