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The UBX team has completed the development of the trading system. The ICO funds (98%) will go towards purchasing the underlying assets. A small allocation (0.5%) is made for legal fees to ensure that UBX is complaint with regulation upon commencement of exchange trading and a complete audit of received funds by a major auditing firm. UBX and its cryptocurrency diversification value proposition will be heavily promoted to retail investors and a 1.5% allocation is made to facilitate this. Any unused funds from the 2% operating expense allocation will be utilized in a discretionary capacity once UBX has commenced on going trading.

- 1.5% Continued Marketing Pre-Exchange

Listing - 0.5% Legal Fees and Post-ICO Audit

- 98% underlying assets


Accounting standards for Virtual Digital Asset remain unclear. The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) will either create a new standard or change existing standards to address accounting for investments in intangible assets, including digital currencies. They are known to set standards based on successful businesses leading the way in how to account for their investments. For example in the case of commodity broker-traders. The IASB might take years to develop and implement a new standard - considering all possibilities early might

enable UBX to pioneer a standard and give tokens credibility as an alternative investment vehicle. UBX has conducted an analysis into the audit and accounts requirements in order to provide best effort in complying with existing legislation. UBX will operate on a quarterly reporting basis with annual accounts. The quarterly reports will include information on governmental risk and legislation. Risk/Return analysis, portfolio performance and end of year predictive market analysis.


- A balance sheet and a statement of the portfolio's total investment value

- An income statement for the period covered

- A list of the portfolio's amounts and values on the date the balance sheet was issued

- A statement of salaries or any other monies paid to the directors, advisory board and officers

- Total amounts of crypto purchase and sales

The information will be made available on the investor portal of the UBX website and UBX's assets will be viewable at any time with a block chain explorer.